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    The Centre for Pediatric Pain Research is an international leader in children’s pain research.?The interdisciplinary research conducted by our faculty, students, and staff tackles many facets of children’s acute and chronic pain. We are committed to conducting high-quality research on how to better understand, assess, and manage children’s pain and translating this research into improved practice.

    This site provides an overview of our work, including current research activities at the Centre, information?about our faculty and students, as well as links to useful resources on pain assessment and management in children.


    Latest Blog Entry

    National Kids & Vaccines Day!

    January 24th, 2022

    The Centre for Pediatric Pain Research is a proud supporter of National Kids & Vaccines Day! A group of organizations across nada including ScienceUpFirst, Children’s Healthre nada, and the Sandbox Project have joined forces to declare Thursday, January 27 as National Kids and ... read more